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PureSTAB™ - A1 Calcium Stearate (CS)

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PureSTABTM - A1 is a Calcium Stearate designed as a carboxylate salt of calcium, classified as a calcium soap. The salt is a component of some lubricants, surfactants, as well as many foodstuffs. It is a white waxy powder. Calcium stearate is produced by heating fatty acid and calcium salt. It is also the main component of soap scum, a white solid that forms when soap is mixed with hard water. Unlike soaps containing sodium and potassium, calcium stearate is insoluble in water and does not lather well.

Typical Physical and Chemical Properties

Description Specifications
CAS No. 1592-23-0
Appearance Fine Powder
Colour White
Molecular Weight 606
Specific Gravity 1.05
Ash content 9.5 – 10.5%
Calcium Content 6.8 - 7.5%
Moisture Content 2% max
Bulk Density, Free Flowing 0.25 - 0.35 gm/ml
Particle Size (240 mesh) 98% min
Free Stearic Acid 1% max


This product is s insoluble in water, ether, chloroform, acetone, cold alcohol, slightly soluble in hot alcohol, in hot vegetable and mineral oils and quite soluble in hot pyridine.


  • Primarily used as internal lubricant and co-stabilizer in PVC formulation.

  • Widely used in rigid PVC pipes, profiles and cable compounds also used in reinforced suction hoses, sheets, tubings and films, Polypropylene, master batches, cement paints, pharmaceuticals, water repellent, flattening agent, mould release and in cosmetics

Recommendation Usage Level

0.5 – 1 phr of PVC Resin.

Self Life

This product is used has long, when stored under the right conditions.


This product is packaged in 25Kgs. PP Woven Sack Bag with Linner.


Store in a cool and dry place, once opened, the bag should be tightly close after use.

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